The Replica Platform enables secure access, privacy and productivity from anywhere for cyber investigations, executive protection, secure enclaves  and isolated collaboration.


Grey Market Labs, a leading cybersecurity company announced the launch of its Replica platform. Replica delivers Secure Environments-as-a-Service that fully enable digital privacy, reduce risk and fundamentally change how work gets done online. 

Replica fuses patented technology, intelligence tradecraft and Zero Trust architecture to create realistic profiles consisting of virtual hardware, operating systems, applications, networks, activity and data layers. Replica goes beyond what a VPN, browser isolation, or Desktops-as-a-Service can do, to create another version – a replica – that feeds trackers and adversaries authentic data, while obscuring and protecting the user’s privacy.

“Replica is the result of more than 20 years of experience in embedded tradecraft and intelligence operations. All of us on the Grey Market engineering team spent decades in offensive and defensive cyber warfare. We built a product that enables the kind of protection, efficiency and secure collaboration we needed then, but designed for the enterprise user of today.” Stated Kristopher Schroeder, Grey Market Labs / Replica CEO. “We’ve made it available as a SaaS product or hosted service so users can connect securely from anywhere, to work freely and confidently knowing their activity remains private.”

Replica’s virtual environments integrate with existing enterprise services like single-sign-on, proxies, data analysis and dashboarding tools. The software’s flexible architecture enables rapid deployments, continuous patching and updates, cloud management, sandboxing and more. In addition, Replica provides a comprehensive data set to allow rich audit and reporting functions and satisfy regulatory, compliance and risk analytics. Obscured from the outside world, while transparent and observable inside your organization.

The Replica product line includes three offerings: Replica Platform is the comprehensive solution for digital privacy for the enterprise. Replica Workspace creates authentic virtual environments for industry-specific uses. Replica Edge enables access and privacy from any device, in any location. ​​Use cases for Replica include threat hunting, investigations and digital forensics, executive protection, secure connectivity in remote or austere environments, protecting employees against malware and phishing, secure collaboration, and more.  

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