Grey Market Labs is a special place. It is a data privacy and security skunkworks. Our team members are highly talented, insanely curious innovators who are uniquely motivated to protect and enhance life online for companies and the people who power them. Also, they don’t appear to sleep much. Probably because they love what they do.



We’re driven by more than just profit. As a Public Benefit Corporation, our mission is to protect people and organizations at every level from current and emerging risks of digital life. Our proven track record has earned us the trust of clients in the Department of Defense and other government and commercial customers with a mission-critical need to protect individuals and enterprise data. See our genesis story

Battle Tested. Enterprise Ready.

Sophisticated digital security is no longer just a worry of governments and intelligence agencies. In recent years, our team has been called on to bring their deep well of experience combating our country’s most difficult foes to augment the growing privacy, cloud, and data protection needs of private sector companies, IT teams, their customers and employees.

Prevent compromise of business transactions

Shield corporate research from espionage

Protect cyber threat intelligence and forensics

Provide detailed audit, compliance, and reporting

Replica is more than just software.

Driven by industry demand, we have deployed a patented solution of hardware and software products and advisory and tradecraft services we call Replica that is at the heart of our current work with even more Lab innovations to come.

With customer collaboration, our innovative team built Replica to be the most comprehensive and extensible enterprise-wide counter exploitation platform ever developed. But that’s just where the story begins…